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static int ipmi_op ( struct ipmi ipmi,
int  op,
struct Etoken toklist 
) [static]

!! Still couldn't get through?!

Definition at line 398 of file ipmilan.c.

Referenced by main().

      char cmd[2048];
      int ret;

      build_cmd(cmd, sizeof(cmd), ipmi, op);

      if (ipmi_spawn(ipmi, cmd) != 0)
            return -1;
      ret = ipmi_expect(ipmi, toklist, ipmi->i_timeout);

      if (ret == EFAULT) {
            log(LOG_CRIT, "ipmilan: ipmitool failed to create "
                "mutex; unable to complete operation\n");
            return ret;

      if (ret == ECIPHER) {
            log(LOG_CRIT, "ipmilan: ipmitool failed to operate "
                "with ciphersuite %d; unable to complete operation\n",ipmi->i_cipher);
            return ret;

      if (ret == ESTATE) {
            log(LOG_CRIT, "ipmilan: ipmitool failed to complete "
                "command in current state\n");
            return ret;

      if (ret == ETIMEDOUT) {
            /*!!! Still couldn't get through?! */
                "ipmilan: Failed to connect after %d seconds\n",ipmi->i_timeout);

      return ret;

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